Long distance relationship Valentine's Day gift ideas

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A collection of the very best long distance relationship Valentine's Day gift ideas.

It's hard enough having a long distance relationship in the first place, and Valentine's Day will not be any easier. While you probably can't turn lemons wholly into lemonade you can still make a killer long distance Valentine's gift. We've talked to dozens of long distance couples and read a whole cupboardful of books and articles on this, so here are our best tips for guys.

Feel together

It's usually the small random thoughts, conversations and laughs that get lost in a long distance relationship. Claim them back on Valentine's Day. Decide to spend the whole day on Skype and one of the popular instant messaging services. Smart phones make it very easy (and if she doesn't own a smartphone yet, here's your gift idea.)

Cook together

Go shopping online and buy two identical boxes of ingredients for something special, maybe try one of the champagne recipes. Have one box sent to her, fire up the webcam and have fun cooking together. (You can leave the webcam on after dinner when it's time to go to bed)

Send love via mail

Sending a romantic postcard is the oldest trick in the book, we know. But this is not to say mailing doesn't work. One sure way to make an impression with a postcard is to write a love poem about her. Or choose a more memorable medium, such as KnickerMail, a service that lets you send designer lingerie as a postcard.

Get together

Not the easiest gift tip, but one that is guaranteed to work. Fly or drive in for a surprise visit and don't worry about anything else. Technically you don't even need to bring flowers but they surely won't hurt.

Recreate a special moment

Make a mixture of songs from a special moment and mail it over (an online playlist doesn't cut it this time). Find a picture from your phone about a special evening (that you haven't yet posted on Facebook) and send her a printout with a service like TouchNote. And if you're ok with taking some risk, add one of lightly worn shirts with the smell of you and your favourite perfume. Sense of smell is the strongest and oldest of them all, and it works wonders over distances. And there is no app for sending smell just yet;)

As you can see, a perfect long distance relationship is taking something that is quite ordinary and adding a twist that is 'you' or 'her' or 'both of you'. Have a great long distance Valentine's Day this year!