#DumpUrEx: Join Our Break Up With Your Ex Kick-Off Twitter Party!

#DumpUrEx: Join Our Break Up With Your Ex Kick-Off Twitter Party!
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Join YourTango & MadameNoire for 3 hours of fun and advice on how to dump that pesky ex of yours!

February 1st marks the start of YourTango's second annual 'Break Up With Your Ex' campaign! Through February 13th, we'll be sharing insightful articles, expert advice, survey results and more on how to successfully cut ties from your past love and move on to a better, healthier, sexier you! To kick things off, we'll be hosting a fun party on Twitter, and you're invited!

Join us and our party co-host, MadameNoire, on February 1st to learn how to break up with your ex and make yourself feel spectacular with a "break-over." During the three hour party, we'll be answering your questions and providing you with important information about our Break Up With Your Ex contest (running from February 1-12), in which we'll be giving away ice cream, chocolate, yoga gear, a spa package, gift certificates to Match.com and more!

Here are the party details:

When: Wednesday, February 1, 3-6 PM EST

Where: Twitter.com

Who: You must follow @YourTango and @MadameNoire to join the party

How: When the party starts, search for #DumpUrEx in the Twitter search bar, and you're in (make sure you select "All Tweets" to see everyone's tweets)! To ask a question or post a response, you need to include #DumpUrEx in each of your tweets, or we won't see them.

Why: After a breakup, the worst thing you can do is hold on to past feelings with your ex. It's time to move on and feel amazing about yourself, and we're here to help. Plus, you'll be the first to know about our awesome Break Up With Your Ex contest!

Special shout out to Yahoo! Shine, Bliss.com, Match.com and MadameNoire, our wonderful media partners who will be helping you all Break Up With Your Ex this February!

See you at our Kick-Off Twitter Party!

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