Tim Gunn's 29-Year Celibacy: How Long Have YOU Gone Without Sex?

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Project Runway judge Tim Gunn revealed that he hasn't had sex for 29 years.

There are very few icons in the fashion world who I'd really love to sit down with and have a one-on-one. Icons who I don't think would intimidate the hell out of me or make me feel bad about my fashion sense (or perhaps lack thereof sometimes). Tim Gunn is one of those few. There's a reason anyone who has watched even five minutes of Project Runway adores him. He really comes off as a consistently genuine, wise, and sweet guy. We got to see that on yesterday's episode of The Revolution on ABC, which was all about "jumpstarting your sex life."

If you're actually really sick of hearing about how your sex life isn't quite good enough or about how you should be having MORE sex (because you think you're doing just fine, thanks), the opening convo of the show was for you.

When the conversation turned to how 15 to 20 percent of people are in no sex or low sex relationships, and the knee-jerk reaction was "That's saaaad," Tim interjected and admitted that he's been celibate — and is NO SEX, absolutely none! — for 29 YEARS. (That is one year longer than I have been alive. Whoa.) And he says he's perfectly happy.

What do you think of Tim Gunn's admission? What's the longest you have gone without sex? Also, would you admit something like this to the world?

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Written by Maressa Brown for The Stir.

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