Love Bytes: 3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

yoga couple
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Plus, 10 ways to know you've been put in the "friend zone."

Sometimes you can categorize a person based on minutia of their personality, behavior or purchasing habits. And sometimes these things are merely situational or idiosyncratic. Anyways, there are five things you can tell about him from the content of his medicine cabinet. (HowAboutWe)

Online dating tips every lady needs to know. (Betty Confidential)

Joan Rivers gets in on some slut-shaming of Chelsea Handler. It's a thing and it means making a lady feel bad about the sex she's had. (The Gloss)

Ten signs you've been permanently placed outside of the pool of potential sex partners and into the friend zone. (CollegeCandy)

Want to give a "naughty gift" without seeming totally tawdry? Here's how. (Em & Lo)

You're a city mouse and he's a country mouse. Five ways for introvert-extrovert couples to make a go of it. (eHarmony)

Real love lessons from bodice-rippin' romance novels. Fabio! (Glo)

Dating a few lousy guys shouldn't make you judge all men. (Good Men Project)

Three ways yoga can make your sex more outstanding — and it's not just the flexibility. (Huffington Post)

A few things to try when the sex gets pretty crummy. (iVillage)

Do men really fall asleep after sex to avoid cuddling? Hmm, something is off here... (Nerve)

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