Relationship Fail: Please, Just Let Me Buy You Some Shoes

Relationship Fail: Please, Just Let Me Buy You Some Shoes

Why buy your own kicks when a shoe fetishist can, with "no sex attached"? (Get it? Strings, shoes?)

We understand that everyone has that one thing that really gets them going (we celebrated that fact last week on January 20, International Fetish Day). From our research, it seems that one of the most popular fetishes among men has to do with a woman's body parts down south... her feet. Why, what were you thinking? 

But a shoe fetish? Now this is something new, folks. Tell us, would you let this 33-year-old male from Midtown manhattan buy you a pair of fresh new stilettos for his own erotic high? 

Sadly, we know many shoeaholics who would seriously consider this offer. Our problem is, if this guy is so intelligent, funny and respectful, why can't he find himself a girlfriend and shower her with hundreds of pairs of Louboutins and Jimmy Choos seemingly "just because"? Now, that's an offer that would be hard to refuse... and the mysterious, amped-up sex drive he'd have after every trip to the mall would just be an added bonus.

Consider trying that approach on for size, Mr., and you may just find the shoe model you've been looking for. Relationship Fail: I'm Loved By... Me, Myself And I

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