Is Love at First Sight Real?


Does love at first sight exist?

Love at first sight is a common saying for those who want to explain their feelings about their partner in a nutshell. It is a way of summing up the physical and emotional attraction two people have for each other within their first meeting. Love is an extremely strong emotion, sometimes beyond human control. And when you are truly in love you will know it. There have been psychological and scientifically engaging studies about the love at first sight theory. Does it really exist? Or is it just lust and sexual attraction that gives you those butterflies inside? In the Journal of Genetics April 2009 issue, “a team of scientists from the United States and Australia discovered that at the genetic level, some males and females are more compatible than others, and that this compatibility plays an important role in mate selection, mating outcomes, and future reproductive behaviors.” So could genetics lead to love at first sight? And according to another research, Ben Jones of the University of Aberdeen thinks romance has very little to do with it. “That "look" is all about sex and ego. It does seem to be a sort of narcissistic thing. People are attracted to people who are attracted to them."

Appearance does matter. That is all one sees when it's the case of love at first sight. Something must catch your attention. Maybe it will be a smile, a physique or those bright blue eyes. The mood also plays an important role the perfect moment. If you are tired, sad, easily angered or irritated, Cupid may pass you right by without you even glancing back.

I do believe love at first sight is real. How long it will last is up to fate. If we look at forever as merely a blink in a moment of time, than we can all say that once in our lifetime we may have experienced this phenomenon. Married couples openly state they "just knew" they would get married and that they were the one for each other. And even those who have dated for a short moment can still admit to the feelings of love at first sight.

I have seen many people find their true love and have been together for years. A dear friend called me one night to tell me that she had met the most amazing man on a dating website. He was everything she had ever wanted. They talked for hours on the phone and met face to face the next day for coffee. Physically, they were exactly what each other was looking for. They spent every day together learning more and more about each other. We all liked her new man tremendously and some of us were envious she found such a great catch and the relationship took off so fast. Unfortunately, within months, it was over. As quickly as the fire grew, smoking embers were all that were left months later. She was devastated. Their short “forever” together was definitely a hot and heavy relationship. Yet for that specific moment in time it just could not be. Although the relationship ended, both will describe it as love at first sight.

Helen Fisher PHD states, “In one survey by Ayala Malach-Pines, PhD, of Ben-Gurion University in Israel, only 11 percent of the 493 respondents said their long-term relationships started that way (as in love at first site). Psychologists say for the rest of us, that the more you interact with a person you like (even slightly), the more you come to regard him as good-looking, smart, and similar to you—unless you discover something that breaks the spell.”

Love is the most powerful human emotion. I believe that if you are shot by Cupid, and find yourself falling in love that very first night you meet, the feelings may be real. Stepping out of yourself and seeing the reality of your situation is a wise choice. Love at first sight can cause fireworks to go off with that first kiss. But remember, fireworks can hurt and burn. I suggest cautiously go forward with your feelings, embracing every emotion, but always make sure your mind and your heart are team mates. Sometimes the heart can be more powerful.