Newt & Marianne Gingrich: Is An Open Marriage Still A Marriage?

Newt and Marianne Gingrich
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The presidential candidate gave his wife two choices: open marriage or divorce.

In a new interview, Marianne Gingrich, Newt's ex-wife, shared with ABC News what it was like to be married to him. "He was asking to have an open marriage, and I refused," she said. "[I said] no. That is not a marriage."

Newt Gingrich reportedly offered his second wife two choices: an open marriage or a divorce, when he revealed to her he was having an affair with his now-wife, Callista Bisek (that plastic-haired blonde you always see with him on the campaign trail). 

A day after he presented Marianne with the horrifying news in May 1999, the former House speaker delivered a speech called "The Demise of American Culture" to a group of Republican women in Pennsylvania, the Washington Post reported.

Ugh, we're throwing up in our mouths over here. Who would want a polygamous president? Would you?

Sound off: What do you think of Marianne's revelation? Does it change your opinion of Newt Gingrich as a candidate? Is an open marriage still a marriage? Another important question: Is Newt Gingrich a MAJOR major-league a-hole or just a major-league a-hole?

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