Relationship Fail: I'm Loved By... Me, Myself And I

Relationship Fail: I'm Loved By... Me, Myself And I
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Hey, at least you can depend on yourself to call, right?

This week's Relationship Fail comes courtesy of our friends over at, a genius Tumblr that also likes to point out the annoying things couples post online. We just had to share their most recent finding with you because, well, it's a classic.

So, how do you describe someone who loves you, who also happens to be yourself? That's certainly not a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend," or even "invisible friend." Hmmm...

Whether Sara is trying to convince everyone that she and "Austin" are dating, or that her imaginary friend has a Facebook account, or in fact, that she really loves herself and has just given her alter ego a male name, one thing is for sure: this plan of hers sure does require a lot of effort!

Man, can you imagine posting updates as multiple people? Facebook just does not make it easy for users with split personalities. Someone should notify Mark Zuckerberg. Relationship Fail: Our Facebook Status Proves We're In Love, OK?

If you find an example of a particularly annoying, funny or weird thing that couples or singles post online—whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Craigslist or another site—we'd love to see it! Send your submissions to You won't regret it, but the offending person will!


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