Love Bytes: What Would MLK Say About Interracial Dating?

interracial couple

Also, love lessons from the Golden Globes.

It's the third Monday of January, which means roughly 40% of you have the day off. The man responsible for that day off, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has paved the way for a number of things. But how do men feel 42 years after Dr. King's death about dating outside of their ethnicity? The Gloss investigates. Interesting stuff. (The Gloss)

Speaking of interracial dating, how great was Sidney Poitier at the Golden Globes? Love lessons from backstage at the Globes. (TresSugar)

Single moms like getting it on too. (

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Five years later and he STILL won't propose. (The Frisky)

Do men pretend to be different people when they're around their partners? (Good Men Project)

After getting dumped, do you buy anything (ice cream, chocolate, bullets) in bulk? (HowAboutWe)

All this talk of "marriage is obsolete" makes us wonder if anybody can truly make it work. 5 women share how they make the wheels keep spinnin'. (Glo)

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