13 "What Guys Think Links" For Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th
Love, Self

How important is a first kiss? Do men settle? And more, straight from the minds of men.

For those of you with a three-day Martin Luther The King weekend, please enjoy it. The rest of us will be keeping the economy from sliding into a gutter. By the way, why can't we move MLK Day until the day after the Super Bowl? He wasn't born on the third Monday in January. They can meet in the middle by starting the season a little earlier. Who wouldn't be on board with this? Right then. Some good stuff that guys had to say or do with dating, marriage, sex and all that good stuff:

1. A first kiss is pretty important to a relationship. Ask Men teaches guys how not to blow it. I suggest no pretending that your tongue is a squid tentacle grasping in the dark for a missing remote control.

2. A very interesting one from the folks at Bad Online Dates. He wants her to think he's just in it for the nookie (DURST!) but in reality, he caught feelings. Tangled webs, gentlefolk, tangled webs. 

3. Do dudes settle? You bet they do. College Candy has their resident guy explores how to know if he's given up on life and you're part of it. 

4. We all want to be the best we can be. The Gloss has a local fella (a Musing Man, naturally) discuss body transformation and creating a local support/reward system therefor.

5. Evan Marc Katz discusses if a guy will ALWAYS ask out a chick that he likes. Excellent question and answer. ALSO keep in mind that a guy may not have thought of you exactly in those terms (smooching, banging, wifing etc.) until you let your interest be known. Or he could be shy.

6. Speaking of shy, Em & Lo has their man panel discuss if dudes prefer to keep porn consumption a solo enterprise, or don't mind sharing their privacy.

7. Off-task a bit here, BUT The Stir has a masturbatory product (part of a line of "dildonics") that allows a man (or woman!) the ability to control a device via the Internet as a sort of quid pro quo Skype-sex sesh. Allegedly, the army et al will have some marriages saved.

8. Good Men Project has a dude and a chick take on the practicality of long-distance relationships. If you want to know what guys think and can draw your own conclusions about the lady part, only read half of this.

9. It's date night, hot shot. There are a number of critically-acclaimed films out there that we're all itching to see. Which one will make fooling around the most awkward? HowAboutWe suggests skipping Blue Valentine and nine other flicks if cuddling is in your plans.

10. Per Huffington Post, 31% of men have engaged in auto-eroticism at work. To be fair, I'd estimate that 31% of men are unemployed, work from home, are in porn or drive a truck.

11. Let's talk about semen. The Frisky has John DeVore take on the act known as the facial. I'm not sure I have any idea what he's saying but I appreciate his candor regarding his pornography use.

12. Very Smart Brothas don't think Jay-Z is a good role-model for your relationship. Also, and I didn't know this, we're living in the Golden Age of light-skinned black men.

13. And finally, Madame Noire has 10 things women THINK men care about. But guess what? We don't. Booyah.

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