A-List Links: Brad Pitt Found Angelina Jolie Crying In The Shower

A-List Links: Brad Pitt Found Angelina Jolie Crying In The Shower
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Plus, a celeb mom goes topless and Jessica Alba reveals how she lost her baby weight.

So, why was Angelina Jolie bawling her eyes out in the shower, and how did hunky Brad Pitt come to her rescue? Find out here: (CelebDirtyLaundry)

First, there was that wedding party's choreographed dance down the aisle to "Forever." Now, there's a groom's post-wedding Justin Bieber dance that's going absolutely viral! Watch it now: (TooFab)

Jessica Alba looks phenomenal after baby number two. How did she lose all the weight? Her secrets are here: (CelebBabyLaundry)

Katherine Heigl wants to adopt again, yet she feels being a working mother is selfish? Hmmm... (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Well that's one way to sell jewelry! Have you seen these Katie Holmes topless ads? Suri's mama is lookin' good! (FitFabCeleb

Regrets? Deena from Jersey Shore has a TON of them. But there's one in particular that trumps them all. (Wetpaint

Did you watch the Critics' Choice Awards last night? Here's everything (seriously, everything) you may have missed, from the fashion to the cute couples, lady love and more! (We just gotta say, Stacy Keibler deserves to be George Clooney's arm candy this year. That dress is flawless.) (TresSugar)

Um, are you readdddy for the Golden Globes on Sunday?! We can't wait to see these couples on the red carpet! (YourTango)

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