If George Clooney Was Your Date, He'd Help Zip Up Your Dress

If George Clooney Was Your Date, He'd Help Zip Up Your Dress

What a lucky, lucky gal that Stacy Keibler is.

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are even hotter since their recent return from Mexico where they celebrated the holidays together. Since then, Keibler has been stepping out on the red carpet at various award shows with her successful beau to help him accept awards like the best actor one he snagged from the National Board of Review for his role in The Descendants.

According to People, 32-year-old Keibler said at the event (held at New York's Cipriani 42nd Street), "I have the best date in the whole world." Yeah, we agree! /node/104210 

Apparently, Clooney, 50, is ever the helpful and doting boyfriend to her. He joked to the magazine that he helped with Keibler's gown: "I did the zipping part," admitting that it "does require some skill." Ever the funny one, he also revealed, "It takes hours just to glue on my hair." 

"He always looks good no matter what he wears," Keibler gushed of her A-list date. Ever the supportive girlfriend, Keibler admits she has seen The Descendants a whopping four times!

Shailene Woodley, who plays Clooney's daughter in the film, is fond of the goodlooking duo. "Stacy is a superwoman... She's super passionate and philanthropic. She's just a happy person, a happy individual…and so is he."

Like Shailene, we can't help but love this mutually confident and beautiful couple! We can't wait to see them at this Sunday's Golden Globes. 10 Hottest Male Golden Globe Nominees In 2012

Tell us: Do you like Stacy & George as a couple?

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