Kristen Wiig: Male Strippers Turned 'Bridesmaids' Cast Into BFFs

Kristen Wiig: Male Strippers Turned 'Bridesmaids' Cast Into BFFs
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The actress explains how one pre-filming outing to a strip club turned these women into friends.

Being in a wedding party isn't easy, especially if you don't really know the other women in the group. So, Kristen Wiig decided to avoid that awkwardness before she and her cast mates began filming their hilarious flick, Bridesmaids. What's a girl to do when she's in need of some serious bonding time with other women? Why, head to a male strip club, of course! 'Bridesmaids' Stars Offer Advice To Real-Life Bridesmaids

"We did have an outing one night where (co-writer) Annie [Mumolo] and I rented a party bus and filled it with stuff and went to the male strip club and had a very long night and we all have been best friends ever since," Wiig told an audience at the New York Times' Arts & Leisure Weekend, reports The Huffington Post.

How exactly does a girls' night out like this bring a group of ladies closer together? It's all in the hilarious, unforgettable and over-the-top details, Wiig claims. 

"It's funny. A male strip club is very different than a female strip club. It's guys, there's a voice over, like cowboy robber looking for a fire to warm his hands, and then he comes and warms his hands. It's like a show," Wiig said. "The girls, we're going crazy, we were screaming and laughing. We bought Rose (Byrne) a lap dance and we heard her talking about traffic, she was so uncomfortable." Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride: Hidden Perks Of Pink Taffeta

It turns out unusual and potentially embarrassing situations can help friendships thrive! And beyond that, the cast's crazy night out fueled not only their new bonds, but also the hilarious and awkward airplane scene in the movie. 

We know what we're doing the next time we're part of a wedding party!

Do you think going to a strip club is a good way for women to bond?

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