How to Change a Selfish Lover

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How can you make your significant other care more about giving than receiving?

The adage “It’s better to give than to receive” is applicable in more ways than one, especially when it comes to bedroom intimacy. Having a selfish significant other can be a bit of a problem when the selfishness becomes a habit. So how do you handle it?

We interviewed relationship expert and psychosexual therapist Dr. Sara NasserZadeh on how to resolve. Click here to watch the video!

“When you have deep respect for the other person and don’t think about yourself first,” Dr. NasserZadeh told genConnect. “Think about what you can offer the other person; that is the giving, the spirit of giving.”

Communication between partners is one of the best ways to resolve the issue.

“Listening to the other person, following their cues,” Dr. NasserZadeh said of nipping the issue in the bud. “That is the easiest thing to do.”

About the Author:

Dr. Sara NasserZadeh is a highly accredited psychosexual therapist, co-author of The Orgasm Answer Guide and board member of the World Association for Sexual Health.

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