In Defense of Strong Women


A man in love with his strong and independent woman...

Oftentimes, in conversations about why there are so many single women, someone defaults to a claim that "men are intimidated by strong women" as a reason for the growing numbers of the never-married in this country.    I'm sure this is true for some men, but not most...and, plus, it's not even the point.  I'm not in the business of blaming men for what I think is a fairly complex issue, and I own my spinsterhood.  It's nobody else's "fault".

Sy-Guy, our Spinsterlicious Man of the Month, was listening in on a radio interview I did a few weeks ago on KABC Talk Radio.  Afterwards, we talked about how some callers kept wanting to take the conversation in the "men are intimidated..." direction.  I invited Sy-Guy to express his thoughts on this and he happily wrote the following guest post:

In his own words:


As a man in a committed relationship, I embrace our relationship and find joy in our commitment, but it does not define who I am nor does it define her.  I am defined by how I view the world or universe, how I act each day, how I affect others.  I choose to define myself by acceptance of the way things are, compassion toward others and living each day with usefulness. And so does she. 
This was put to the test for me when I separated from my wife of 25 years (her request) and was out on my own.  Read more: