Hey Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Has A Hot New Fling, Too!

Hey Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Has A Hot New Fling, Too!

The Latin crooner is rebounding with a much younger model named Shannon de Lima.

Oh J. Lo, did you think you were the only one who could play the "Look at my hot rebound action" game? How naive! 

Your soon-to-be-ex husband can play that game too... and he just did. Marc Anthony has just posted a new photo on his Facebook page (obtained by RadarOnline) of him kissing a hot, 24-year-old Venezuelan model named Shannon de Lima. The two reportedly met a few months ago in Miami, but haven't been seen together until now.

Hmm... we wonder what could've prompted Anthony, 43, to share his new love via social media, knowing full well that it would spread like wildfire? Perhaps it was watching his former wife, Lopez, prounce around Hawaii and Miami with her own 24-year-old rebound, Casper Smart. Just a thought. Jennifer Lopez's Hot Miami Vacation With Casper Smart

A few weeks ago we heard that the divorcing couple was at war over the custody of their kids – a battle Anthony supposedly started after seeing Jennifer's infuriating PDA with her backup dancer. Now that Anthony's doing the exact same thing, it seems there's truth to that story. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Was Their Divorce Preventable?

Besides the Facebook photo, Anthony has also been sending loving Tweets to Shannon, says RadarOnline. One said: "To my @Shadelima my statue of liberty. Kisses, baby." 

Ugh, Relationship Fail much? 

Do you think Jen & Marc realize their twins will eventually grow up and see these photos? No, you're right, they're far too busy trying to one-up each other right now. Shame.

CelebLovers, have you ever posted pictures of your rebound to get back at an ex?

Photo Credit: Marc Anthony/Facebook