So his name is Ray....


It don't matter how old, mature, strong, responsible, cute& cool he think he is. Ray would never be no real man. See we been together for a long time, and i thought he would be more willing to commit. Im not talking about marriage im talking bout him being a good boyfriend. He has been flaky lately. Like for our anniversary i told him to come see me. He said that he will, so i get dressed& wait for him. Normally from my place to his it probably a 20 ta 30 mint depending on traffic. So an hour later i just thought he was getting ready. 2 hours later i start looking at the time questioning myself. Final when it has been totally of 4 hrs, i called him. He picks up and tells me he will call me back. Weird i sit around another hr waiting for the call. I final txt him and tells him& tell him..." gezz thnx for the nite" he never txt back. I don't expect him to. So i told myself i wont ever txt nor call him. From now on if he wants me, he can contract me. So then i end up breaking up that practice. A week after we got on winter break. I txt him in the morning asking him to come over& yes i lied telling him that im going to new york to see my dad. He txt back and said and do what. I said to hang out with, he never txt back. I hate the fact that he will use his work schedule to blow me off. Dude only works from 9 to 5. Get off that's bs. I gave up. I really hate talking to him. So i decided that whole winter break i was going to spend it wit my friend dre. So everyday& nite i woud stay up texting him about what every comes to mind. The deeper me& dre's conversation is the more i know ray aint for me. Dre told me that the way he been treating me isnt okay. Then dre found out that ray was 23 he was pissed. He ain't tell me to break up wit him because that, but the hate dre has for grown ass man with a younger female let me know he want okay with our relationship. I respect dre because he do know whats best. So that day that me& dre kissed on Dec 21 i was blown away. That kiss let me know i wanted nothing to do with Ray. So in my head im completely done with ray. He just another dude. Well this ray calls me at 244 am and 245am on jan 1st . I ain't pick up. I was asleep so i call him the next morning. He dont pick up. So then he calls me Saturday at 1144. He said that he over his boys house, his boy jus moved down the hall from me. I really dont care. He said that he miss me and wants to come cuddle with me. He never wants to cuddle with me. What ray means is he want to have sex. So i start coughing and stuff to make him i was sick. He think im going to give him some after not hearing from him for a month. So he said that he will be coming over tomorrow. I dont know why i got so excited. Its not like me to be that excited.!! The way he treated me was COLD I WONT DO THAT TO SOMEBODY. so the next day i was going to have my friend dre over. he wanted to have extra time with me but faith didnt let us do that. i understood why. so i had my hopes up that ray and i would get the chance to be together. i just wanted to see wha he had to say to me. GUESS WHAT.? that boy didnt come thru. i dont even know why i did that to myself. Every time he say he going come thru , &HE NEVER DO. i was some how hoppen me& him would of talked things thru & fix our broken relationship. now i know one thing im done with that guy name Ray. Me& him can him can b friends but other then that...STRAIGHT DEUCES TO HIM..