Love Bytes: 5 Dating Resolutions For A New Year

new year dating resolutions
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Plus, inviting strangers to your wedding.

2012 is the year we all make it happen. For all we know, this could be the year that the Mayans plunge the world into darkness and melt the ice caps in retaliation for the Titanic. Might as well get off our collective back porches and start getting serious about dating. Let this be the year of bridges: some to burn and some to build. Five Dating resolutions all ladies need to make. (How About We)

Why do you "have to" invite strangers to your wedding? (The Frisky)

After 33 years of "will they won't they," she finally proposed to him! (The Stir)

How do you tell your fella that he stinks at giving oral? (Em & Lo)

Could have to do with the above… why one woman cheated on her husband. (Glo)

What do you do with a guy's junk during a spooning situation? (Good Men Project) I'm A Straight, Non-Submissive Guy ... And I Love Being Spooned

When it comes to dating, some dorks are jerks too. (XO Jane)

Seven things that make you an ideal partner (compatible libidos not included). (Huffington Post)

20 things you probably ought to know about sex. (iVillage)

Waiting for your guy to be "ready" is tricky. (Madame Noire)

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