What Do You Think Of Angelina Jolie's Waterfall Gift For Brad?

What Do You Think Of Angelina Jolie's Waterfall Gift For Brad?
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Angelina Jolie's gift to Brad Pitt for Christmas was... a waterfall. Thoughts?

Angelina Jolie doesn't like to do things halfway. We know this. Much like Kristen Stewart, Jolie aims to please when it comes to gift giving to the man she loves. What Did Kristen Stewart Get Robert Pattinson For Christmas?

But, instead of vintage guitars, Jolie bought her love, Brad Pitt, a real, live, flowing, gushing waterfall! According to X17online, the waterfall is in California and the hot couple plan to build a home around it.

A source tells The Daily Mail (via x17online) that 48-year-old Brad has always "dreamed of a home with the sound of a waterfall cascading under the house." Um, we love that idea!

"He wants to pull all aspects of nature, light, glass and varying levels into the (house). Angelina wanted to get him something incredibly special and, because she knows how much he loves architecture, she thought this would be perfect. This is the present to top all presents." A-List Links: What's Banned In Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Home?

We aren't sure how this present could ever be topped—it's thoughtful, romantic and a gift for the two of them since they recently sold their Malibu estate to another hot Hollywood couple: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

Reports have been going around that Brad & Angie's new waterfall home will be similar to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, which Jolie, 36, showed Pitt in 2006. We guess she was prepping him for her incredible purchase!

What do you think about Angelina's Christmas gift for Brad: was it over-the-top or completely romantic?

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