Where Do Old Broads Hang Out?


Once you're past college and your 20s, meeting men becomes a bit more of a challenge...

Last Saturday night, I found myself prowling the streets in search of food, drink, fun, and maybe even a guy.  I wasn't alone, but my dear friend, Nameless, who was with me hated it so much she won't allow me to use her name...not even her initials.   Here's what happened.   I invited her to a comedy show where a guy I knew was performing.  However, I screwed up the details and so we found ourselves all dressed up with nowhere to go.   Actually, we weren't all dressed up; we were dressed pretty casually.  If we had been all dressed up, we would have had more options. 

Anyway, we tried to think of where we could go for a little fun, but we had a few criteria: good food, good drinks, inviting atmosphere, and a few grown-up guys we could flirt with without feeling like pedophiles.   There are tons of places in NYC that fit the first few criteria, but the last one is what stumped us.  Read more…



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