5 Steps to Finding Mr. Right in 2012

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A step-by-step guide on how to get the guy and find love in 2012

Do you want to find love this year? Have you ever wished you could “have it all?” This is your year!

Follow these steps to finally find love in 2012:

Step 1: Get completely clear about who you desire.

“The List” or not “The List?” That is the question. The answer is … absolutely The List. Make a list of 100 qualities you desire in your mate. Then, make a list of the 100 amazing qualities about you. Are you afraid to ask for what you really desire? When you make a wishy-washy list, you will attract a wishy-washy mate. You don’t think “he” is out there? If you exist, he exists.

Step 2: Decide you will attract love this year.

Decisions trump resolutions. The definition of a resolution is “a formal expression of opinion or intention.” Decision comes from the Latin word “decider,” which means, “to cut off from.” When you make a decision, you cut off any other possibility. Instead of just stating an intention and hoping it will come true, dare to decide and leave no other option but love.

Step 3: Make love #1 in your life.

Are you having trouble coming up with your priority list for 2012? Let me help you:

  • #1 Love.
  • #2 The rest.


True love is the path to everything … everything. Love motivates us to be successful in all aspects in life, from our careers to our relationships. When you allow love to drive your life, you will get what you want. Commit to love and love commits to you.

Step 4: Screw self-help!

It’s not about being complete, it’s about completely loving the real you. You are not broken. There is nothing to fix about you. As soon as you accept the authentic you, “he” will too. My life was a mess when my man came into my life. Please note: my life was a mess, not me. I was authentically me … with a lot of things happening with my family. He completely accepted me for who I am, and is standing next to me through the mess.

 Step 5: Girls just want to have fun!

Stop taking life so seriously. What is more attractive: women having fun or women being serious? Take yourself on 30 Dates in 30 Days™ and have a blast! Brainstorm a list of 30 things you love to do and go do them. What is fun to you? What makes you giggle? What would make you giddy like a schoolgirl again? Do that. That’s hot.

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About the author: Tasha Dimling, The Love Coach, helps singles become “The Perfect Catch” and attract the man or woman of their dreams. Click here for more about Tasha.