Guys now days....


guys need to relax and loosen up.

Well its sad to know the guy i was once dating broke up with me because he was threathing by Dre. I think that is way to funny. He said he dont his girl friend to have any other guy in her life. I dont what that sound like to you, but that is really funny. Do he know who i am, im not about to end my friendship with Dre cause of him. What is wrong with guys. I know yall should respect the fact that your girl is getting the best advice from they best male friend. He said the funniest thing to me. he said he dont like the fact that another guy is that close to me. then before that, he talking about he want to have sex with out a condom. He even had the nerve to ask if i was pregno. I cant believe he said that to me. He had totally jnix me. He kept talking about how i was going to have his baby. like HOLD UP!!!!! im not about to have no babies by no guy. im on;y 18 and want to live it up. I couldnt even tell him that i was going to go to the club tamorrow. I know were not together, but we was going together. After all that he had said to me tonight, i really want nothing to do with him. He want to settle down and im ready to live my life. I dont  want to marry him he got me blowing him kisses and teling him that i love him. Honeslty i dont love him. Everytime i tell him i love him i feel bad because i know im not being true to myself. i dont fall in love with people that quick. He is just tripping i want NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM. His number will be in my contract, i wont text nor call him unless im despert, that something i  wont be. HELLO BABY IT 2012 i have better things to do with mylfe then deal with him. Yes he is cute and smart, but mentally he isnt my type. hah im turning into the female dre. Im judgnin them by their physcial features not mental. I need to stop . all i know is its 2012 im cool on relationship. my main focus is acing my military test and grades. then again i dont have to focus on my grades, i always stay on top of all that.I can replace any dude with my lil friend in my back pocket, Thats just the truth.

                                                                  HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!