Love Bytes: Second Marriages Are Just As Doomed As First Ones

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Plus, a 40th-birthday threesome, shower sex, and lotsa dirty talk. Hey, it IS Hump Day.

It's been said that divorces, like concussions, are something that you become much more susceptible to after suffering the first one. But new data shows that a second marriage is only as likely to die as a first one — after about eight years. (

You'd assume whatever people are doing to make things work the second time around would work the first time, right? Maybe the ability to forgive and accept forgiveness is the thing that will save any marriage. (Betty Confidential)

Or, maybe, it all boils down to simple supply side-economics. There's a theory that men are consumers of sex and women are producers of sex and the trade is for money and commitment. Romantic, no? (Huffington Post)

But it's never that simple. It turns out women like sex. Some women even really like it in the shower. (Em And Lo)

It's never that simple, part two. One woman decided to give her husband his ultimate 40th birthday wish: a threesome. Yikes. Good luck with the rest of your marriage! (Marie Claire)

It's never that simple, the encore. Sometimes a woman objects to certain treatment and words in real life. Sometimes that same woman doesn't mind when that treatment and verbiage is translated to dirty talk in the bed. Oh, be-have. (The Frisky)

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