Could It Be? George Clooney Gets Married... For A Commercial

George Clooney

The serial playboy ties the knot for a Norwegian bank, not love.

One lucky Norwegian woman woke up with a big rock, a wedding dress, and George Clooney—yes, the eternal bachelor we've all been convinced would never marry again. Sadly, the made-for-television marriage is actually just an advertisement for the bank DnB NOR. But at least we get to see someone marry the silver fox, even if it is just acting! George Clooney Doesn't Want Another Marriage…Ever

In the commercial (watch it here on People), Clooney plays a sweet newlywed who's pajama clad, all smiles, and on the hunt for houses. Apparently the star and an average woman were married in an alcohol ridden night of passion that somehow included Clooney wearing a horse head costume (must be a Norwegian tradition?). 

The tag line: "Some people are lucky in life. For the rest of us, saving up can be smart." Ahh, how clever.

Outside the land of make believe, Clooney's current real life lucky girl is former wrestler, Stacy Keibler, who should take a cue from the girl who came before her, model and Dancing With The Stars contestant, Elisabetta Canalis. Recently it was revealed that Clooney dropped her because she was trying to rush him down the aisle (and to think, all she needed was the right advertising ploy!).

She may not have scored a ring from the handsome actor, but he did help her gain enough attention to snag a spot on DWTS, much to her chagrin. She's tired of being known as "George Clooney's ex girlfriend," and was very angry about how her Dancing With The Stars intro included pictures of her and Clooney together. George Clooney And Elisabetta Canalis: Plenty Of Red Flags!

"I didn't really like it," Canalis told TV Guide. "But it's okay. I didn't know about it. That's what I really didn't like."

Sorry sweet cakes this is Hollywood, and you're nobody until you date a somebody... especially if that somebody is the unattainable George!

Photo Credit: Getty