Hens Gifts that Leave her Trembling with Pleasure


Marriage is a big commitment – not to mention, one sex partner for life.

So it's your best friend’s hen’s night. She's about to take the plunge, get hitched, lock into the old ball and chain, so to speak. And you know what that means? This is her last big night of freedom. Her final chance to go wild, hit the town, and have a night to remember as an unmarried woman. And what better way to leave other men behind, then to get ready for a lifetime of great sex with a guy who truly knows her -- but she's going to need some tools in her sex tool belt to make sure that happens!

  • Turning her on

As the relationship goes on, your friend might find herself lying next to a highly in love, yet loudly snoring husband. And if she has needs that have to be met, she might just need to meet them herself. First stop on your toolbelt tour is the vibrators stand! Get your friend equipped with her new best friend -- she'll be sure to want it down the track!

  • Toys for later

Of course, to really keep things going, they’re going to need inspiration. Next stop on your toolbelt tour is the costume stand! A great way to start the hens night, get everyone in party mood, and having fun, is sorting through and trying on the naughty nurse, the mischievous maid, and the play boy bunny. Laugh with each other as you load the bride-to-be up with costumes that will keep her new husband awake for months!

  • The simple pleasures

Any great sex shop has a fantastic line of shoes that not only impress a guy, but make a woman feel truly sexy. And a pair of slinky red stilettos are a must have! Stock up your hen's sex toolbelt with a pair of stilettos that will make her new husband's blood boil!

  • Amp up the action

Amp up your hen's marriage toolbelt with sex toys that go beyond the simple pleasures of a vibrator and more into the realm of adventure. Ticklers, teasers and tasty treats will make her giggle and blush at the thought, but once it gets to the use, will leave her trembling with pleasure. Help her give her husband a few tools to get things started and keep them going!

  • Turn the pages

One of the best treats for a newly married couple is the chance to keep exploring. Just because you've decided to stick with one sexual partner forever doesn't mean you can't still have steamy sex every night. The karma Sutra is one way to keep things new every time you hit the sheets... Or the shower... Or the kitchen bench. Introducing the bride and her new hubby to a range of easy -- and not so easy new positions, is a way to ensure they have fun for years to come.

As a bridesmaid, it is your duty to help your bride -- and there’s no better way than to introduce her to the tools that will keep her marriage sex live life spiced up and alive. Have fun on the hen’s night, and a little giggle at her expense!