Does Pregnancy Affect Your Sex Life?

pregnancy effect on sex

Pregnancy inevitably effects your sex life. The only way it wouldn't is if you're the subject of the "I can't stop watching even though it's a train wreck and I know what's going to happen" show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.

Many couples needlesly worry that sex will somehow psychologically damage their unborn child or create a dangerous environment for the baby. Unless your doctor states otherwise, the rule of thumb is sex is completely safe during pregnancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, only anal sex should be avoided to prevent irritation to potential pregnancy related hemhroids. How's that for completely unsexy?

Other reasons you should refrain from sex during pregnancy include unexplained vaginal bleeding, intense abdominal cramping, a dialted cervix, and prior premature labor. But for most people sex during pregnancy is as safe and enjoyable as before conception. Even couples who are not concerned by the physical safety of sex during pregnancy tend to focus on the negative aspects like discomfort and a protruding belly getting in the way. But sex can have just as many, if not more, positive aspects than negative.

Enjoying sex throughout pregnancy can actually be beneficial for you, your partner, and your baby. Here are just a few ways how:

  • Pregnancy hormones can actually increase your sex drive as early as the first trimester.
  • Fuller breasts, a rounder belly, and glowing skin make some women feel sexier and more confident than ever before.
  • Trying new positions to accommodate your growing belly can be exciting and adventurous and spice up your usual routine. You may stumble across new techniques you never considered trying.
  • Many women report orgasms during pregnancy are easier, more frequent, and more enjoyable. While the baby has no concept of what your'e really doing during intercourse, he or she will experience the euphoric hormone rush right along with you.
  • Orgasms can help relax pregnant women and relieve stress and headaches.
  • Having regular sex while pregnant creates an intimate bond between you and your partner. He should be more aware of your body and its changes. As a result, you may find a more in-tuned partner who is focusd on your needs.
  • Realizing you may not get much sex for months after the baby is born due to exhaustion and a new routine can heighten the sense of urgency and appeal.

Take the time to talk to your partner about your pregnancy symptoms and thoughts on sexual intimacy during pregnancy. Speak to your doctor for the go-ahead on any concerns and consider visiting a sex therapist or couples class to spice up your sex life. Whatever you decide, use the precious months while pregnant as an excuse to focus on your needs and re-connect with your body in a whole new way.

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