9 Myths (And Truths) About Soul Mate Relationships

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Don't let these common misconceptions get you down--all relationships need time, energy, and work.

Myth 1: Soul mate relationships should be easy.

Relationships are not always easy. Why is it that we can spend so much time at work each and every day to bring home a paycheck yet we barely give our relationship a second thought? We expect it to run smoothly on its own without any maintenance, without any glitches, and without any problems. How silly is that?

All relationships take time, energy, work, commitment, and determination. If you want a wonderful soul mate relationship then you may need to make some sacrifices in other areas. Perhaps you'll have to work less overtime, spend more time with your partner, work on communication, plan more things together, and compromise. Divine Caroline: Adding Value To Your Relationship

Think of a relationship like a garden. By following the suggestions in this book you’ll plant the seeds. Working on yourself and your soul mate-attracting skills is the soil. Once you find your true love you begin watering this garden and are careful to pull up any weeds that sprout. But over time what happens? You get used to being in the relationship and you stop watering it and neglect the weeds. What do you think will happen then? The garden will die. Instead, if you carefully tend to your "love garden" you'll be rewarded with a relationship that blossoms and grows bigger over time.

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Written by Kelly Wallace for Divine Caroline.

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