Should We Cut Grandpa Some Slack?


What to say when Grandpa wants more grandkids?

I received this note from one of my favorite readers:

Dear Spinsterlicious:

So I called my grandfather in Canada to say hello and I told him what a good auntie I was keeping my sister and brother's kids, when he commented "so I guess you've decided you don't want kids...".  WTF, blindsided by Pops

 I had to read it twice, though, to really understand what she was saying. On the surface, she spoke about wanting acknowledgement from her grandfather for being a great aunt to her sister's kids. I think what it is really about, though, is that grandpa doesn't know --and therefore can't acknowledge-- the real pain she feels of not having the kids she really wants. But I'm sure he doesn't know…maybe because she hasn't really told him. So he made an assumption. Read more: