Love In Numbers: 10,000 Women Want Ryan Gosling's Babies

Ryan Gosling
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The quote that made us melt: "I'd like to be making babies but I'm not, so I'm making movies."

10,000 women (or more!) want Ryan Gosling's babies: But the Drive actor just wants to make them with one lucky girl. In a recent interview, he admits (get ready for this), "I'd like to be making babies but I'm not, so I'm making movies. When someone comes along I don't think I'll be able to do both and I'm fine with that. I'll make movies until I make babies. I have no idea when the handover will happen." (Please let that someone be me, please let that someone be me…). If that isn't enough to melt your heart, check out what he had to say about his ex-girlfriends, Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams over at Crushable.

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