Love & Fashion: These Human Barbie Dolls Could Use Some Love

russian human barbie dolls
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Plus, the fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings has us wanting to try on gowns.

Meet the human Barbie dolls. Some women (of questionable sanity) are taking the "hot blonde" thing a teensy bit too far and making themselves look like Barbie dolls. Creepy much? Are any men actually attracted to a look so literal? (The Frisky)

Not to be too presumptuous, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say most of these human Barbie dolls have major weight and body image issues. This thoughtful piece, just in time for Fashion Week, discusses the ever-rising trend of eating disorders among women and asks just how much responsibility the fashion industry should have, since we are all so influenced by the magazine covers we see every day. (Huffington Post)

On to positive body images, Michael Kors knows exactly what looks good on a woman's body and what's appropriate for a date versus the office. Here, he lists the 10 items every woman should have in her closet, for every occasion in her life. (Glo)

Here are 13 pieces of clothing you most definitely should not have in your closet. T-shirts with slogans like "Teenagers Do It Better" and "Eat Less?" No thanks, not very woman-empowering (which is what we're going for here, if you can't tell!) (The Daily Beast)

I left the best for last. The fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is out, and the cover dress and bouquet are just heavenly — very easy to appreciate, even if you're single! Inside, there are interviews with high-profile designers like Vera Wang, and if you click over to Betty Confidential, they have a behind-the-scenes interview with designers Badgley Mischka. That's it, I'm running over to the newsstand! (Betty Confidential