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8 Secrets About Jackie Kennedy: She Was Desperately In Love

Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was generally a beloved figure in American History. That is, until last night, when ABC News aired excerpts of the former first lady's audio interviews with historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., recorded just months after the death of her husband. In the tapes, which daughter Caroline released from the family archives, she's candid, gossipy, even cutting about several major political figures. She's also desperately devoted to her husband, whose romantic legacy isn't synonymous with loyalty. It's a side of Jackie we didn't know and it's polarizing. To some she's not the poised, accepting mother figure she appeared to be, to others she's shows a welcome emotional side. What is clear is that she was far more complicated than just a fashion icon. She was human.

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Written by Piper Weiss for Yahoo! Shine.

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