Love Bytes: Fatherhood Lowers Testosterone, Making Men More Loyal

son beating dad at arm wrestling
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Plus, signs you're too comfortable in your relationship.

Conventional wisdom tells us that when a guy gets married, he loses ownership of his testicles. This is COMPLETELY untrue. A man only turns in his balls once he has kids. Researchers tell us that the male hormone levels off in dudes after they have a baby but it's mostly so they can buddy-buddy with that kid rather than trying to eat him. Feel free to abuse your friends with kids using this information. (Nerve)

Only one person can prevent this devastating assault to a man's testosterone: your Aunt Flo. But there are nine things you should know about that beautiful, eccentric and sometimes embarrassing monthly visitor. (iVillage)

The Joker once asked, "why so serious?" and some of us need to ask that a little more in the bedroom. Sex is supposed to be fun; don't make it a chore. (Huffington Post)

Having VERY specific sex needs may make the act boring or be a sign that a lady is high-maintenance. Here are 10 other tip-offs that you are a high-maintenance girlfriend. (The Frisky)

A former partner with "particular needs" can lead to some trust issues during the breakup recovery period. Here are seven tricks to knocking down those emotional barriers and finding the old you. (Bounce Back)

And you know it's something when your dude's idiosyncrasies are an after-thought. But is it a bad thing? Here are a boatload of signs you're getting a little too comfortable in your relationship. (Glo) (PLEASE never go number 2 while someone else is in there, please.)

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