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Hello, Rising Poverty Rate: 5 Tips For Dating A Broke Guy

Maybe your beau is struggling to find a job in this terrible economy. Or perhaps he's on a fixed income due to graduate school or helping out family members or some sort of bad investment. Either way…he's broke. Can you handle it? If you truly care about him, not just about being wined and dined, then a period of financial struggle shouldn't be a death knell to your relationship. Now, if you two pay bills together or share an apartment, that's gonna be a bit more complicated. But if both parties are committed, communicative and responsible, you can make it work. Check out our tips for dating a man who's down on his luck:

1) Be Supportive, Not Motherly: Your honey's probably feeling bad about his lack of dough and maybe even a bit embarrassed. Don't make it worse by constantly bringing it up, even if you’re trying to be encouraging. Don't put all his financial burdens on your back either, unless you've been together long enough to justify such AND can rightly say he would do the same for you. You may casually mention gig or job opportunities and forward over emails that have positions that he may be looking for, but don't turn into his mom. Madame Noire: 8 Ways To Make A Man Feel Like A Man

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