Top 3 Mistakes Women make when it comes to Sex


Don’t make the same mistakes as your mother

It’s 2011 and this is not your mother’s article. Nail appointments, little league, overtime, drive by dinners, and text messaged “I love You’s” make up our lives. We work hard and we want to play even harder, but society and that little voice in our heads reminds us we can’t behave “that way.”
I’m here to tell you not only can you behave “that” way you will create a healthier life by doing so. You are in a committed relationship and fun seems to elude you and your partner. All the sudden it’s become about homework, dance recitals, daycare, and bills.
When the last good night story is read and the kids are safely tucked in you certainly don’t want to go behind closed doors and make these mistakes with your man. Read ‘em and release ‘em!


  • Worrying What You Look Like

We know men have spent a lifetime imagining their body next to an airbrushed babe and we’ve spent the same amount of time comparing ourselves with the same babes. Ladies, release the comparison. Embrace the fact that he is with you. Stand naked in a full length mirror and remind yourself how naturally beautiful you are.
Focus on what is happening physiologically with your partner. You are the one obsessing on your over inflated ideas about your physicality. In fact if you are enthusiastic and energized guaranteed he isn’t even thinking! Trust me he is enjoying how into him you are and not on the jiggle in your thighs, or belly.


  • Not Initiating Sex

It is such a turn on for a man when his woman gets frisky. survey tells us that 54% of men initiate sex and a whopping 76% reveal they initiate sex because they want to feel closer to their partner!
As women we aren’t comfortable initiating sex because we’ve been told it’s not lady like. Society and/or family beliefs tell us if we are initiating sex we must be sluts. So, we shy away. Women also have a tremendous fear of being rejected. We tend to take it way more personal and therefore we just decide to not go there. I say GO FOR IT. Use your intuition and go right where he wants you to be. Put on your red stilettos and lose the inhibitions. Be yourself! Remember our partner wants to be closer to us.


  • Not Giving Him Guidance

There was a time when women believed they were not supposed to enjoy sex. It was more obligatory than anything. The man was the lead in life and in bed. Those days are gone!
However, talking about sex can be very intimidating for some women even if they’ve been with their partner for a long time. One of the benefits of talking about sex is it adds to the sensation of actual event. The open honest communication creates a bond that is strengthened at that special moment.
Ladies, nobody knows our bodies better than we do. Let’s be the G.P.S. (Gathering Pleasure Sensor) for our partners. Let’s lead them on a tour of our scared domain!

Veronica Drake is an International Relationship Coach, Intuitive, and Speaker. She empowers her clients to design relationships that sizzle. Her emphasis is on the relationship women have with themselves. Her style is intuitive and informal. Her results are impactful and life-changing! She uses her witty, charming, and sassy sense of humor to help clients relax, release and get in touch with what really matters to them.
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