What Guys Think Links: The Ins & Outs Of Manscaping


Plus, a good husband has to have emotional intelligence.

Football season! You may not be seeing much of your guy in the next five months. Consider it a vacation.

How important is honesty? Some say it's the best policy. However, can we be always honest in the context of a relationship? What about withholding the truth? The men (yours truly inclusive) of Good Men Project take on the trick of telling the truth.

A good husband is truthful, right? What else is he? Is he a good provider? Is he a handsome? Is he a smart? Role Reboot thinks that a good husband has emotional intelligence. Which is something that can be taught, unlike the SAT.

Denigrating your lady's lady business is not a very smart thing to do intellectually or emotionally. Em And Lo have a story about a man who insists that any lack of vaginal "squeeziness" on his girlfriend's part is proof (in the pudding) of infidelity.

Did you hear about this French judge awarding a women roughly $14,000 in a divorce just because her husband was too tired for sex? Very Smart Brothas takes on the $14,000 itch and putting a price tag on your sex abilities. I've never had any complaints but I think I could probably charge enough to but all of Morrissey's albums every two or three months. Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

Outside of thunder in the bedroom, there are a few things in a relationship that everyone is looking for. How About We has ten of them and they don't even mention the ability to complain without you wanting to choke them.

"Constantly talking about his ex" is not something that most ladies put high on the list of "must haves." College Candy has their resident dude take on a story of a man who has a very complex relationship with his ex and the woman who loves him.

Before you do something, you usually like to practice it, right? It turns out that living together mayn't be something you want to practice before marriage according to Ask Men. Evidently, the data are stacked against cohabiting people making a long-term go of it. Please keep in mind that no one is arguing that you shouldn't practice making babies before you actually try to (except various fundamentalists of several religions).

Men are simple, unchanging cave-people, right? Hah. I say "Hah!," young woman. Men can learn things and I can change and you can change and we all can change! Per Glamour, men learn things in college like all the time. Some of those things happen to be about women and only most of them are biological or involve bedding them with madcap schemes.

Men these days don't like being thought of as large-browed cave-persons. That's why they cut their nails, learn to play their guitar and try to remove most of the hair from their bodies (while keeping it on other places). One of these days we're going to be able to get rid of these unsightly bulging foreheads. Guyism teaches us the ins and outs of manscaping.

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