Love Bytes: 6% Of American Couples Remarry An Ex

old couple

Plus, how do you know if your friend with benefits wants more?

Every child of divorce has a fondest fantasy: her parents get back together. Every child of divorce has a worst nightmare: her parents get back together. But a number of American couples do get back together after divorce. Six percent of couples do them, to be exact. How does this happen? (Glo)

The male genital array has inspired many great things… like skyscrapers, baseball bats, cola bottles, cigars, guns, flag poles, car keys, swords, rockets, etc. But there are 13 very specific foods that pay the highest compliment to a fella's junk. (The Frisky)

How can you tell if a friend with benefits may be angling for a relationship? Chances are you didn't take my patented first step and right before you have sex say, "Don't you go falling in love with me." (Em And Lo)

Do all women have fantasies of being rescued? If not, Calgon better start a new campaign. (Huffington Post)

Just because life can't be like a movie doesn't mean that you can't make your own movies, if you know what I mean. I mean naked movies for adults, in case you were wondering. Sex tape! (The Stir)

And, if you're really lucky, your relationship may need a swift kick in the bottom after a great first date. Here are 51 great second date ideas. (Marie Claire)

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