Is Eva Longoria Really Engaged To Penelope Cruz's Brother?

Eva Longoria

Some sources say it's true while her publicist denies it. What's really going on with this pair?

According to Star Magazine, Eva Longoria, 36, got engaged in secret over the summer to Eduardo Cruz, 26. He's Penelope Cruz's younger brother who's 10 years Longoria's junior (hello, new cougar!). They make a sexy couple, but are the engagement rumors even true? Eva Longoria & Tony Parker: Behind The Split

Longoria and Cruz have reportedly been dating for at least six months (an eternity in Hollywood time). Although, some sources claim she was knocking boots with Cruz immediately following her divorce from Tony Parker last November. The rumors say Cruz popped the question in July while the couple was vacationing on a yacht on the Mediterranean in Spain with Penelope and her hubby, Javier Bardem. Que romantico, no?

"After he proposed, Eva and Eduardo jumped into the water together," a source tells the magazine (via E! Online).

Seems like the perfect proposal to us, but Longoria's publicist disagrees. Eva Longoria Denies Adoption Plans

According to E!, "Longoria's publicist has denied that there is any truth to the report of an engagement, despite Star's rather detailed (and apparently, creative) account of their would-be private moment."

But isn't it possible the engagement is true and the couple has decided to keep the news quiet? After all, Longoria hasn't even been divorced for a full year yet, so to some people a new engagement might seem too sudden. Her track record isn't the best, either, with two divorces under her belt.

Whether or not they're heading down the aisle together anytime soon, at least Eva and Eduardo have found love... for now. Eva Longoria Is Tony's Housewife, No Longer

Is it ever "too soon" to get engaged again after a divorce?

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