Breaking the Illusion of the Perfect Dating Site


Forget what you know about dating sites and find out the reality of finding real love online

So you’ve finally gone and done it by filling out the contact form at your chosen dating site of choice and you’re ready to meander your way to their pool of interesting and super sexy candidates.  It’s only then that you notice an abundance of supposedly real singles that live miraculously in your area and they are all astoundingly gorgeous.  In fact, one of them is actually messaging you right now.  Yeah um NO!  Okay, back to reality and actually finding a meaningful and successful match online.  It’s tough to be disillusioned by today’s dating sites that wave prospective eye candy around like meat on a stick.  Below are just a few ways to help with your search to finding your forever after snuggle bunny. 

How About Not Now and Maybe Later-Many people search for love is seems to be based on “what can I get right now” instead of “what makes me happy in the long run”.  Our society is based largely on instant gratification and we don’t stick around one day longer than our free three day trial allows.  Don’t give up.  Love is based on patience and thoughtfulness, so why should your search be any different?  This is of course not likely to happen unless your blessed by the dating site gods and your love match just happens to drop right out of your browser into your lap.  

Search for Sites that offer Virtual Speed Dating-Just because finding your love online might take a while, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of social events that some dating sites offer.  It might only take a couple of minutes to see if you have chemistry with someone other than your dog.

Trust Your Instincts-Just know that it’s okay to hit your browsers back button or the escape key.  It doesn’t make you a bad person.   If it doesn’t look like a quality site, don’t register. 

It’s all About the Little Things-Set yourself apart from the pack by loading up your bio with unique and interesting details.  It’s not about the fact that you like to spend Friday nights with your cat, but rather the things that made you who you are today and in this moment.  Be memorable and significant in constructing the parts that make up your profile.  Rather than using “fun loving” and so forth, tell a story about a specific time or experience in your life.    If you’re putting yourself out there, you might as well make it sound good.