Love Bytes: Holy Sperm Bank! More Men Are Fathering 100s Of Kids

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Young men really like two things: batin' and gettin' paid. Sperm banks serve both needs.

Young men really like two things: batin' and gettin' paid. Sperm donor centers bring that dream to life (someone needs to open a bar there, man). But it turns out that not enough guys have taken advantage of this opportunity (and are just giving it away for free), so a handful of men have fathered hundreds of babies. This could come back to bite someone. (Gawker)

Is a club really a club if it will take any old person? A recent survey suggests one in 10 Brits have become members of the mile-high club (you know, sex on a plane). To be fair, in England "plane" means "kitchen" and "sex" means "the Earl of Sandwich." (AOL)

If a person is a member of the mile-high club, do they have a three-date rule? Do you have a hard and fast rule regarding when you can get frisky? (The Frisky)

"Mile-high club" and "three-date rule" are vocab words you may need if you start dating again. You may also have to know about waxing. Yes, down there. (Ed: While the editor of this blog is religiously against this barbaric type of waxing as it is demeaning to women, she is keeping this item in here to preserve Tom's unique voice.) (Betty Confidential)

More vocabulary! A woman who dates a much younger man is a cougar. However, we owe it to mankind to codify what "much younger" really means. (Crushable)

More from science. It turns out scientists have no idea why the female orgasm exists or why they get that funny feeling when they're around a girl they like or the best way to hide shameful erections. (How About We)

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