Making Sure His Stag Weekend Is A Safe One

Stag parties and hen weekends are one of the most important events in the lead up to the big day. It's supposedly the last time you'll have the chance to really let your hair down with all of your friends, and anyone who is plannning a hen or stag party knows how important it is to make the party or weekend memorable for the bride or groom to be.

Whilst hens tend to dress up in a lot of pink or choose safe options such as group pampering or coktail making, stags are traditionally more rowdy on their parties and group members will go out of their way to humiliate the guest of honour. If your future husband has left the organisation of his stag party up to his best friends, you might be a little nervous about what they've got in store for him. If this is the case, and you're worried you might get a am call asking you to collect him from a lampost somewhere on the M1, then there are a few things you can do to stop this happening without getting in the way of him having the time of his life.

Bring in the professionals

There's no better way to ensure that your fiance has a safe stag party than to encourage his best man to use the help of a professional stag party company. They will help to arrange all of the details including travel to and from the events and some even have a 24hour helpline to come to the rescue if anything goes wrong. They'll also plan out the itinerary for the stags, making sure everyone's in the right place at the right time. And since each member will have paid in advance for their ticket, they'll want to make sure they don't miss out by deviating from the plan. Stag companies can also help with costume hire, so that your man can be safely humiliated as he is paraded through the streets in a Little Britain outfit or something equally embarrassing! No need for nudity or lamposts when there's such a funny costume in store for him.

Collect phone numbers

Collect the phone numbers of at least two of the other men that will be on the stag party. This is not so that you can call them continuously throughout the night to see if he is talking to other women. This is just in case, in an extreme emergency or if he loses his phone or goes AWOL the next day, you have a least two people you can call to make sure he's ok.  Do not call him, or his friends unless it's an emergency - let him have fun on his own for the night. If you're friends with the female partners of any of his stags then it might be more useful for you to have their numbers as the girls are likely to be more understanding if you need to call.

Welcome home

Plan to look after a rather hungover hubby to be the day after if he's a drinker. No doubt his caring friends will have plied him with shots and strange looking pints of who knows what. Be ready with the painkillers, comfort food and dvds and he'll longing for some tender loving care by the end of the weekend.

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