Just Friends? Jake Gyllenhaal & Anna Kendrick Get Close

Jake Gyllenhaal Anna Kendrick

The 'End of Watch' co-stars look cuddly outside of a Subway restaurant.

Is there anything more romantic than a Subway foot-long sandwich? Well, yes, probably everything, but that didn't stop Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick from getting cozy as they stopped for some grub during a Labor Day roadtrip to Las Vegas. The two were spotted outside of the sandwich chain, with Jakey's arm around the Up in the Air actress.

Could it be a new romance, or was it just a friendly gesture? As far as we know, they're both single at the moment. It certainly appears like the pair, who are currently working on the film End of Watch together, have more than just a professional relationship. Reese Witherspoon & Taylor Swift Get Catty About Their Shared Ex

Still, according to PopSugar, Jake and Anna were accompanied by a group of friends, so the outing wasn't exactly dinner at a romantic restaurant.

What do you think CelebLovers, would Jake and Anna make a cute couple?

Photo Credit: Getty