Madonna Says Exes, Sean Penn & Guy Ritchie Encouraged Her To Act

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Without her talented array of exes, the Material Girl may have never strayed from singing.

Madonna may not have slept her way to the top in the truest sense of the casting couch, but the veritable queen of pop, 53, admits that her romantic liaisons with Hollywood heartthrobs have inspired her flourishing film career. The Juiciest Celeb Hookups & Breakups Of Summer 2011

Best known for her canon of catchy tracks and ever-evolving image, the world's top-selling female recording artist of all time has also made a name for herself in motion pictures, from her showcase performance in 1985's Desperately Seeking Susan to her depiction of Eva Peron in 1996's movie musical, Evita. Now, with her latest flick, entitled W.E., on the horizon, Madonna is coming clean about the connection between her love life and her livelihood.

"I am … attracted to very creative people which is why I married Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie, two very talented directors," she confessed recently. "They both encouraged me as a director and as a creative person to do what I did, and they were both very supportive," all but indicating that she might never have delved into film but for the support of the heavy hitters with whom she was once hot and heavy. Reese Witherspoon & Taylor Swift Get Catty About Their Shared Ex

Sure, we could have lived without 1987's critical and commercial failure Who's That Girl, but my childhood would not have been the same without 1990's comic book-based adventure Dick Tracy, in which Madonna portrayed the sultry seductress Breathless Mahoney opposite rumored flame Warren Beatty, who later appeared in Truth or Dare, the documentary about the Material Girl's Blonde Ambition concert tour.

And so I say 'thank you' to Madonna's exes for bestowing their creative mojo upon her. Without them, my VHS collection would be entirely incomplete.

Have your exes ever inspired your career path?

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