New Book Says Black Women Should Marry White Men

Interracial Marriage
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"Is marriage just for white people?" asks author Ralph Richard Banks.

Meet Audrey Jones. She is 39, attractive, and multilingual. She's got a big job—at a multinational consulting company in Washington—but not a big ego. She's funny, thoughtful and smart.

There's just one thing missing from Audrey's life: a husband. "At this point, I thought I'd be married with children," she says. "I'm trying to get to a point where I accept that marriage may never happen for me."

Her situation may not be ideal, but Audrey may as well be poster child for a breed of African-American women like her: educated, successful, family-minded, yet persistently single, on a seemingly endless hunt for a middle-class black man to fit into her family portrait. But in a culture where the black male middle-class is shrinking, if not already invisible—one in four black men will end up in jail; fewer than half graduate from high school—Audrey is stuck in the center of what a new book calls the "African-American marriage decline." The Daily Beast: Reality TV Trashes Black Women

Sociologists have long lamented the marriage crisis among the black poor: African-American women are half as likely as white women to be married, and twice as likely never to marry. But in a new book, Is Marriage for White People?: How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone, Stanford law professor Ralph Richard Banks takes on the black middle-class: women who are outpacing their male peers to a degree more pronounced than in any other racial group.

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