Love In Numbers: 6 Ideas For Sexy Labor Day Fun

Beach ball and hammock

Plus, why twentysomethings shouldn't be allowed to call themselves, "Cougars."

6 ways for you to enjoy this Labor Day weekend: I'm headed out to the Hamptons (I hate how pretentious that sounds) to spend some time with friends and family and relish in the last few precious moments of what has been an unforgettable summer. It was my first summer as a resident of Manhattan, the first summer I ever went on a 10-day vacation with my family, and the first summer I've been kind of happy that I'm single. This could change come fall (and with the cooler temps, let's be honest, it probably will), but for now, and for the next 72 hours, I'm going to enjoy exactly where I am in my life. And you should too. If you don't already have plans, here are 6 things you can do this Labor Day weekend.

And here are some more "Love in Numbers" tidbits from around the web this week:

30: The minimum age you need to be to be considered a cougar. Twenty-somethings dating lil mama's boys younger than them do not count. Understood? (Crushable)

20: Dating deal breakers we learned from guys tweeting, "#YouCantDateMeIf…" (Yahoo! Shine)

12: Controversial t-shirts, such as American Apparel's "Teenagers Do It Better" tee. How is that something anyone would want to wear across their chest? (The Daily Beast)

10: The age he acts (even though he's well past 25). He's fun and youthful at heart, but can he be the one? (eHarmony)

10: Years this author and her BFF shared a special bond. Now, they don't even speak to each other. Why do friend breakups hurt even more than romantic ones? (Glo)

8: Naughty celebrities who've been the other woman and have survived to talk about it. (The Frisky

8: Quirky and weird things your guy does, but they're the same 8 things that make you love him. Weird how that works. (MadameNoire)

7: Fictional relationships that would have never, ever worked in real life. Yeah, we're looking at you two spaghetti-slurping mismatches, Lady and the Tramp. (The Gloss)

6: Reasons women find it hard to just say no to a guy they're not interested in. (Hey, this article looks pretty familiar!) (Excelle)

5: Surprises NO ONE likes to get in the bedroom, such as, "Um, hello! That's not where it goes!" (College Candy)

5: Minutes you need to makeover your marriage. And everyone has five minutes! (ThirdAge)

5: Top libido killers to avoid so you can have a healthy sex life! (Care2)

1: Genius mattress that was built specifically for getting your cuddle on… comfortably. (BettyConfidential