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5 Types Of Sex You Can't Have After Labor Day

Sex in the park

Labor Day has finally arrived, and even more than the long weekend away from work we are ecstatic about the cool weather coming our way. But we will miss a few things about summer—like sex on the beach.

How About We has compiled a list of 13 sexual rendezvous for hot weather only (read it here). "I'm Only Here For The Summer" Sex and "Mostly Concealed Rooftop Sex," for example, both make their list. But we kicked some ideas around the office and came up with our own. Forget bike rides and ice cream trucks. What we really look forward to every summer is all the hot, sometimes public, and definitely sweaty encounters. The 5 types of sex you can't have after Labor Day:

  1. Sex in front of the A/C or with the windows open.
  2. Sex on a rented fishing boat (preferably with fireflies instead of mosquitoes).
  3. Sex in your friend's beach house in the Hamptons, also known as Pretend-You're-Rich-Sex.
  4. Sex at the outdoor movies in the park.
  5. Sex in white shoes.

Here's hoping the summer heat wave lives on between the sheets. What kinds of sex will you be missing now that summer is almost over?

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