Kris Humphries Sits Next To The Guy His Wife Made A Sex Tape With

Kris Humphries
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Kris Humphries sits next to Ray J, Kim's ex and sex tape co-star, on a cross country flight.

During what was probably the most awkward plane ride of his life, Kris Humphries (aka Mr. Kim Kardashian) sat next to his wife's ex, Ray J, on a flight from Los Angeles to New Orleans this past Sunday. A-List Links: Kim Kardashian Is Not A Tramp, OK?

Ray J is singer Brandy's brother, but he's probably best known for his starring role in the sex tape he made with sweet Kimmie (which is still on the market and readily available to the public, a fact we're sure Humphries doesn't like at all).

According to New York Post, Humphries boarded the Delta flight in Minneapolis and sat in an aisle seat across from Ray J. After a few silent, uncomfortable minutes, Humphries got up and moved to a seat in front of Ray J, apparently unable to handle the weirdness of sitting next to a guy his new wife had very visible relations with. Best Of The Web: Celeb Sex Tapes Ranked

A few minutes after Humphries switched seats, Ray J got up to say hello and congratulate Humphries on his recent marriage to Kardashian, but Humphries played dumb and pretended not to know him.

According to a source, "Ray J said, 'Come on, you know who I am. I just want to say congratulations.' Then Kris, realizing he was cornered, said, 'Oh yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, I know who you are.'" 

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It seems Humphries isn't the only one who hates the existence of a Kim/Ray J sex tape (including Kim's new in-laws... yuck). Vivid Entertainment, the company that distributes the sex tape, recently received an offer of a ridiculously large sum of money by a mystery buyer looking to take it off the market.

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