Reese Witherspoon & Taylor Swift Get Catty About Their Shared Ex

Taylor Swift & Reese Witherspoon

What did Jake Gyllenhaal ever do to these two? Oh, that's right, he dated them.

Celebrities enjoy their girl talk just as much as the rest of us. When country singer Taylor Swift met up for lunch with her pal, Reese Witherspoon last week, of course the conversation turned to their shared ex, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Presumably over teeny tiny salads, the petite girls shared giggles over Poor Jakey at Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles on August 26, according to Us Weekly. "They talked about how vain and self-absorbed Jake can be," a source tells the magazine. "They laughed about it."

Now ladies, you know it isn't nice to gossip! But this does make us wonder, is Jake Gyllenhaal really one of those stuck-up famous types?

He certainly didn't seem so when he dated 21-year-old Swift last year. They were always spotted on romantic, down-to-earth dates looking all scruffy and loved up. And when they broke up after two months, they seemed to remain friends, even though word on the street was that Gyllenhaal broke her heart. Jake Gyllenhaal & Taylor Swift Break Up

As for Reese's beef with the 30-year-old actor, it seems unfounded because she was the one that dumped him! After two years together, Reese sent Jakey packing so she could move on to her now husband, Jim Toth. The breakup reportedly crushed Jake, who was looking to put a ring on the 35-year-old. Split: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

Perhaps Reese was just trying to offer a motherly shoulder for the much younger country star to complain on. And us girls can all understand that, right?

Photo Credit: Us Magazine