Love Bytes: Are Mama's Boys Better Husbands?

vinny jersey shore mom

Plus, a newlywed couple gets busted for shoplifting.

What's up with women liking emotionally unavailable "cool" guys? Am I right or am I right? I mean, why can't they see how great I am? I mean, sure I don't drive a Harley motorcycle but that doesn't mean I'm a total square. My mom thinks I'm a catch, for instance. Science has finally come down on the side of common sense and tells us that boys who are nicer to their mothers are generally better people and, by extension, better husbands. (Nerve)

When you think of Switzerland you think of nice chocolate/watches, Red Cross and hidden Nazi gold (not in that order, necessarily). But they also do some VERY interesting things around sexually educating their youths. Many a Swiss miss is going to be surprised when the first penis she sees in real life is not actually made of wood. (The Frisky)

There are telltale signs that a lady will make a bad wife. Good to know. (Ask Men)

Sometimes a good wife is a terrible person. Newlywed shoplifters prove the couple who purloins together joins together. (TheStir)

Great debate: Do stable people get married or does marriage make people stable? (NY Times)

Are bad boys likely to be hornier than nice guys? No one knows for sure. We do know that if a person went to Yale, they're randy as an old goat. Thanks, Newsweek. (The Daily Beast

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