3 Reasons Why Tiger Woods' Ex, Elin, Would Date Another Cheater

Elin Nordegren
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Elin Nordegren's new beau is known as "a total playboy." Is she a sucker, or is she onto something?

You would think that Elin Nordegren would stick to dating boy scouts after what she went through with cheating ex-husband, Tiger Woods. Not so! According to OK! Magazine, the Swedish model's new businessman boyfriend, Jamie Dingman, is "a total playboy." What's worse? TMZ claims that Dingman has been romantically linked to Rachel Uchitel, Tiger's most infamous mistress. Tiger Woods Has A Youthful New Love

With her wealth, certainly Nordegren could afford to screen her suitors. So, what gives for her choice in a new man? Here are three possible options:

1. Nordegren loves bad boys. We've seen it over and over again. Ladies boasting wealth and beauty seem to scrape men from the bottom of the barrel. For instance, Hollywood hottie Denise Richards hopped from notorious womanizer Charlie Sheen to her BFF Heather Locklear's ex, Richie Sambora, while Britney Spears started seeing paparazzo Adnan Ghalib after her split from Shar Jackson's baby daddy, Kevin Federline.

2. Dingman's changed his ways. Could it be that the rumors aren't true and Jamie Dingman is actually a stand-up guy? Doubtful. However, it's possible he's giving monogamy a go for the right girl. Are Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel Still Dating?

3. She's onto something. Perhaps the most scandalous theory of all is that after walking away from her marriage with a reported $100 million, Nordegren figures she has nothing to lose... and everything to gain. If things get serious between the two, she'll put a cheating clause in their prenup and collect another small fortune if he strays. Not a bad plan considering, Dingman, 37, is not only the son of a billionaire, but he's a successful investor in his own right!

What do you think? Is Elin Nordegren a fool for love or will she come out on top?

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