Why Women Can't Have Sex Without Falling In Love

I've long called it the orgasm curse—that thing that happens after great sex with a guy. He immediately goes from an insignificant satellite orbiting your universe to the goddamn sun itself. But why? He didn't even do anything that impressive. You still find him as annoying as you did an hour ago, but you can't stop thinking about bearing his children. Logically, you know this is completely nuts, but you can't seem to stop it.

A new study done at Rutgers University explored what exactly goes on in our bodies during orgasm that makes us insane.

Researchers found that our brains light up like pinball machines before, during, and after orgasm. But that's not the problem. The culprit for our mixed emotions is that pesky hormone oxytocin, the bonding and emotion hormone. Our bodies release it no matter what. There's no receptor that determines whether he's a douchebag or a long-term prospect—oxytocin doesn't discriminate.

This is an issue because guys don't experience the same post-coital confusion we do. Men's bodies primarily release dopamine after orgasm, the pleasure hormone. So biologically speaking, we got screwed. After sex, men are feeling satiated, perhaps thinking of sleep or pizza, or the next time we'll do them and we are stuck wondering whether or not we love him. Boo. Hiss.

Written by Ami Angelowicz for The Frisky

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